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Hi There
I am a Freesat customer already but my Sky Digibox is not HD ready can you recommend me a box that is and also if the box as a card slot will I be able to receive say Setanta Sports or Sky Sports using just one Digibox for Sky Freesat and BBC Freesat HD.
Best Regards Mike

Hello Mike,

Freesat is new as you know. We see by your query you already know both Sky and BBC/ITV have their own versions of Freesat, which is proving confusing to lots of future customers.
BBC/ITV is being run on a not-for-profit basis, and it has already been reported there will be no future subscriptions. In theory the NEW, as yet not released freesat boxes could possibly give you all the free 28.2 East channels both Sky based and BBC/ITV based Freesat plus the terrestial freeview. The problem with this as far as we can determine at this time is you will still need a subscription for Setanta Sports for example but this cannot be received on the expected first batch of Freesat box's, this does not mean that some enterprising manufacturer will not produce the perfect box for everything in the future. This also highlights the facts that you will need an HD Freesat box to view the Freesat HD channels which will certainly make viewers question their purchase of their new terrestial freeview box at Christmas time as they may miss out on the HD channels that Freesat are planning to provide.
There are a half a dozen different HD (not Freesat but compatible) receivers which have mixed reactions to their reviews from customers. Speaking from a personal view we have the Pace DS810XE which has just had a recent over the air flash upgrade and the picture from the BBC HD channel can only be described as stunning.
Freesat box's which are expected to be in the initial line up are from famous names; Panasonic, Alba, Humax, Sagem, Goodmans and possibly Philips.
Attempting to resolve your query, we would advise at this time to consider keeping your Sky receiver ( this will get you Setanta Sports using your Setanta Sports subscription card) and at release of the new BBC/ITV Freesat HD receivers, select what your pocket will accept. If your pocket can take it, it may be prudent to exchange your Sky box for an HD Sky box, as it has been suggested that the Sky HD receiver will be able to receive the Freesat HD channels from BBC/ITV.
The possible drawback if you use a Sky HD receiver for both Sky and BBC/ITV Freesat is that nobody knows if the Sky receiver will be able to handle the Electronic Programme Guide (EPG) for both Sky channels and BBC/ITV Freesat channels.
This blog will be kept up to date as soon as new receivers and information becomes available.
Thank you for your query;

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