Thursday, 18 February 2010



BBC coverage of the Winter Olympic Games is fantastic.

These athletes like Summer Olympians dedicate themselves to attempt to stir the heart of their own country by hopefully winning a medal. The pressure on some of these dedicated professionals must be horrendous especially for those considered favourites, from national to international newspaper columns to their friends and families.
Although these Winter Olympic athletes spend most of their life dedicated to special achievement apart from the BBC in the U.K. even the U.K. press this year have been slow to show interest.
Now looking at the same Winter Olympic Games coverage from Vancouver the BBC coverage is fantastic so have a look today and support your athletes which can be viewed from 4.00pm until 3.00am on BBC2 and in dazzling HD on freesat.

We feel the coverage for the U.S.A. athletes is excellent and coverage like this would not go amiss for the U.K. teams for next time should be considered.
Check out the Team U.S.A Social Media website for comprehensive U.S. coverage;

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