Saturday, 27 August 2011


Google TV is on it's way!
Google TV will hit our retailers very soon and the enormous innovations built into the new Google TV are a step into the future.
You probably love your mobile apps, but how about your 50 inch screen viewing your favourite app, not a problem for the new Google box as it comes with apps already built in with new apps being recorded daily.
You can view the entire web on your 50 inch plasma so these "you tube", funnies are a bonus viewing alternative.
You can even use your mobile or cell as a remote control to control the Google box, and like your usual computer desktop/screen the Google box has it's own homepage on switch on which can be designed by you in the same way you like your computer switch on home page.
Using the Google box you can watch both the TV and the internet at the same time.
Recording your favourite channel is child's play so another attraction for many TV enthusiasts.
The actual prices in the U.S. started at around $299 and recently slashed this to $99 so hopefully the U.K. prices will be well researched before release.

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