Friday, 5 December 2008

EXCELLENT Broadband guide

EXCELLENT Broadband guide

05|12|08 - ofcom

Broadband guide

Broadband speeds video

A new Ofcom consumer guide means you can always have the facts about home broadband speeds at your fingertips.

The guide – which you can download and print off – tells you what to expect from an ISP when you take out a new home broadband service.

The guide also provides troubleshooting tips if you’re not getting the speeds you expected as well as information about fair usage policies.

Click here to view and download the guide [pdf].

The broadband speeds guide is the latest in a series of Ofcom consumer advice fact sheets.

Consumer guides

Other recently published guides help consumers deal with the problems of silent calls and slamming.

There is also a fact sheet on what to do if you have a have a complaint about your communications provider.

Silent calls – How to avoid nuisance calls.

Slamming – Has your telephone service been switched without permission?

Complaints- How to make a complaint to your service provider.

Finally, if you want to change ISP then we’ve also made it easier for you to find the best deals.

Earlier this year Ofcom awarded its first price accreditation logos to price comparison websites Broadband Choices and SimplifyDigital.

Consumers using these sites can be sure that their price comparison calculators are accessible, accurate, transparent, comprehensive and up to date.

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