Friday, 27 February 2009

BBC Trust launches public consultation on proposal for internet protocol television (Project Canvas).

BBC Trust launches public consultation on proposal for internet protocol television (Project Canvas).

26 February 2009

The BBC Trust today launched a public consultation on the BBC Executive’s proposal to develop a joint venture partnership to help enable the delivery of internet protocol television (IPTV). The proposal, also known as Project Canvas, would allow viewers to watch on-demand services, such as the BBC iPlayer and other internet content, via television sets.

This proposal forms part of the partnership plans that have been developed by the BBC Executive, in response to a challenge from the Trust, to help bring the benefits of the BBC's public investment to the whole public service broadcasting sector.

The BBC Executive has applied to the Trust for permission to form a joint venture partnership, that would set and promote a common standard for delivering on-demand TV and other internet content through a broadband connected device such as a set top box. The BBC would not be involved in the manufacture or distribution of equipment.

The Trust will decide whether or not to approve the proposals, following a rigorous scrutiny process, which will include two periods of public consultation and will report in the summer.

Diane Coyle, BBC Trustee, said:

"The Trust has challenged the BBC Executive to come up with proposals to help bring the benefits of the BBC’s public investment to the whole PSB sector. This is the first of these proposals to come forward to the Trust and we will be scrutinising it to ensure the best possible outcome for licence fee payers. We are now inviting all interested parties and members of the public to tell us what they think of the proposal"

Internet and on-demand services

Devices meeting the standards would have an internet connection. In order to access the internet and on-demand services (such as the BBC iPlayer), viewers would need to have a broadband connection from their internet service provider. These devices could enable on-demand services from the BBC and other public service broadcasters, as well as some internet content, which may include video clips or information from public service bodies such as DirectGov and the NHS.


Date Event
26 February 2009 Start of first consultation
17 April 2009 Close of first consultation
On or before 8 June 2009 Trust publishes emerging conclusions and second consultation period begins
22 June 2009 Second consultation period closes
On or before 24 July 2009 Trust publishes final decision
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