Wednesday, 4 February 2009



The Kangaroo project has been well and truly floored by The Competition Commission as it has been suggested that the BBC, ITV and Channel 4 would be better if they were in competition rather than friends. Either way the viewer will lose out putting this clever technology on the back burner, but as we all know the Competition Commission are working in our best interests so hopefully the BBC, ITV and Channel 4 will be able to come up with an acceptable solution.
My personal problem with the whole idea of the Kangaroo project was the idea of the BBC selling back to me archived material of which I have already paid for with my licence fee - meaning! as a member of the great British public paying again for something which I have already paid for. If the archive shows were being sold to overseas countries I would agree. Otherwise project Kangaroo is a perfect way for viewers to select and choose when they want to view their own choice.
The story below comes from the BBC news;

Broadcasters' Kangaroo tied down.

A plan by the BBC, ITV and Channel 4 to launch an on-demand video service has been blocked because it posed "too much of a threat to competition".

The Competition Commission said Project Kangaroo "has to be stopped" and that viewers would benefit if the three were "close competitors" rather than allies.

Kangaroo proposed to sell current shows from C4 and ITV and archived BBC shows.

The broadcasters said in a joint statement "the real losers from this decision are British consumers".

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