Wednesday, 5 March 2008



Q1: I am a member of a 1000 retailer group(C.I.H) -we know that nearly half our customers across the country cannot get good Freeview reception-we are staggered that Murdock (Sky) was allowed on Freeview (monopoly or what?) and now he’s going to change to mpeg then offer free programmes-draw people away from existing Freeview -then offer high definition-then he's a total monopoly-we cannot wait for the BBC to offer a real BBC - not Sky – repeat - not SKY satellite FREESAT - that is BBC Freesat service - it must have high def ability - unlike Freeview terrestrial-the public is totally hooked on having high def
Q2: yes yes yes -see answer to question1
Q3: apart from the very poor reliability of the terrestrial signal and sensitivity to ghost images - connections etc - the ability to have the bandwidth for high def is crucial and some people would much prefer a dish to a "twig" -the dish can be at ground level
Q4: absolutely high definition -the public already believes that when they buy(many already have) their high def TV -they will of course see high def-they are very very annoyed that they will only see high def if they pay Mr Murdock - the Freeview EPG is excellent-so a hard disc recorder would be great
Q5: You should have done it 3 decades ago!!!-may we have it by yesterday please-many many customers will be very relieved
Q6: yes
Q7: yes yes yes
Q8: what it will do is hopefully stop Mr Murdock totally taking over Britain completely( he really is in the middle of killing off the terrestrial Freeview system-please stop being so naïve - or is the Mr Blair/ Mr Murdock friendship too powerful to stop - under no circumstances do a joint venture with Murdock-
Q9: do not allow under any circumstances-the use of Sky decoding software-under no circumstances allow any pay per view-it will allow under the carpet deals to subsidise boxes to get the subscriptions this will distort the price and kill of the genuine dealer who is at present giving advice and guidance to the public-a huge proportion of the public just want a good licence paying service-nothing else - they do not want to see a box for £150.0 or £10 if they subscribe to whatever
Q10: yes yes yes yes yes -at last-sanity- how on earth you can have a system called Freeview which is not free - i.e. card operated-that is Sky- infuriates so many people - you have no idea - I have around 90% would rather not have TV than have Murdock taking over their Licence paying service
Q11: Technically it must not be compatible with any SKY service-do not allow the units to be card accessed - or if you do - encrypt so that only a card supplied via the licence address database(i.e. issued with payment of the licence fee) will work-if there is any way that the
unit can be designed to be used also as a SKY box-Murdock will gobble you up and destroy the system (I am not paranoid-Just look at the last 15 years of TV )
Q12: we are very excited at the prospect-just don’t understand why it has not already been done-communicate urgently with TV makers-the power required to transmit is a lot less than lots moor conventional transmitters-make the box makers use low power supplies(Grundig sat boxes were 87% efficient when Pace was 24% efficient)-don't let rubbish manufacturers produce power gobbling units -specify say 1 watt standby or less-its quite easy-it just costs a tiny bit more to start with

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