Monday, 10 March 2008


The short meesage below was released some weeks ago but never really picked up by the Media!

"Freesat will fail, warns Top Up TV chief Will the upcoming free-to-view satellite service, Freesat, fly or fail? It all depends on who you listen to. According to Top Up TV’s Chief Executive Nick Markham, the service will struggle to make an impact against the UK’s Freeview and Sky platforms. He made the pronouncement at the recent Broadcast Building Audience Loyalty conference, claiming that Sky’s dominance will cause the Freesat project to struggle. He said: “Sky has spent years perfecting its service and made sure that every home with satellite TV had it through Sky devices".

First thing anyone might notice is the fact that TOP UP TV is not in HD and may never be so its in their interest for FREESAT to fail.

FREEVIEW TV was only a success because of the BBC Expert Advertising Strategy if they can do it once then what will it be like when both they and ITV join forces not to mention the other 200 channels already committed to joining FREESAT HDTV.

FREESAT TV won't fail because it has the best people in the world (BBC) working for it 24-7.

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