Wednesday, 19 March 2008


John overseas asks some more questions with regard to the new FREESAT HD DIGITAL BOX AND HD TV'S.
THE FREESAT HD DIGITAL RECEIVER OR BOX AND HD FREESAT TV WHICH HAS THE FREESAT BUILT IN, and the breakdown of jargon which as we write here is getting closer to the public release information;
As stated in many public BBC releases the Freesat HD digital box will be expected to have one of two or both connections named HDMI and/or DVI.
To break it down; read the latest information about HDMI here! To read this information you may need the pdf. reader which is free (although most users will already have it in their computers.) and you can download the pdf. reader from here!!
Digital Visual Interface was developed for uncompressed compatibility between suitable electronic equipment.
The Freesat HD digital box must also have included HDCP
HDCP is the name given for copyright protection developed by Intel. Corp.
The Freesat HD digital box will also have included DVBS and be capable of DVB-S2.
DVBS stands for Digital Video Broadcasting Satellite.
Sound tests have also been carried out with DOLBI 5.1
This means five (5 ) small speakers and a bass woofer.
Freesat HD digital boxes will be capable of Mpeg-4 HD Stream.
The Freesat HD digital box and the HD Freesat TV will also have the
All these technical points must be in the new Freesat HD digital box and also the HD TV with the Freesat built in has also considered the add in named IP STB.
The IP STB will probably be used eventually as it cannot be expected for everything to come on stream all at once.
The IP STB means Internet Protocol Set Top Box, so the chance of Internet Multimedia is closing in fast.
Expected size of new satellite dish? John overseas; we have been informed that a 60 cmtr. dish will be suitable for all over U.K. as the signal will be so strong.
Will there be different boxes?
The answer to this is yes! although a few manufacturers are making the Freesat HD digital box there will be small variations either using the remote (epg; for example) or within the Freesat HD digital box framework which will only concern an satellite receiver engineer.
Our advice;
Buy the best Freesat HD digital box you can afford, remembering 2009 will see some remarkable TV and Internet Multimedia progress.
When you buy your High Definition (HD) Freesat HD Digital box make 100% sure it has been passed by the quality assurance with the Freesat Logo.
Some of the HD TV manufacturers who have been granted a license to make HD TV's are;
ADS-Trading...Vantage/Intek Digital
LG Electronics
Toshiba Information Systems...Toshiba
These brands are licensed to carry the HDTV LOGO.
Happy and FREE viewing soon!

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