Wednesday, 30 July 2008


BEIJING OLYMPICS MULTI SCREEN + HD is the bonus for those lucky enough to own new freesat HD set top boxes starting in nine (9) days.
Reports suggest there may be as many as 9 multi screens available for the Beijing Olympics which would yet again be a first for British Television. How many of these multi screens will be used then only BBC can tell us.
Unless retailers get long awaited stocks this week then lots of viewers are going to miss out on this breakthrough television first. Those of us with HD set top boxes should appreciate the time and effort that freesat have put into trying to get this special tv coverage up and running. We expect an update this incoming week from set top box manufacturers to tweak out some of their teething problems.
Reading some of the forums there seems to be an attitude with forum contributors who somehow see freesat as a danger to Sky tv. Surely they do not consider free tv is a threat to subscription tv ? After all it is only a different choice as is subscriptions such as Virgin, or perhaps they think that U.K. tv should have kept the status quo with an outlook to have only four or five basic channels instead of the BBC Trust insisting we get value for money for our annual licence fee ? This report has been reviewed 3-aug-2008.
Is it news to you ? then you read it here first!

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