Friday, 4 July 2008

Ofcom Price Comparison Accreditation

Ofcom Price Comparison Accreditation

Q1. What is Price Comparison Accreditation?

The Ofcom Price Accreditation Scheme provides quality assurance that the calculation of price comparisons of fixed line, mobile, broadband and digital television services offered by accredited companies are accessible, accurate, transparent and comprehensive. The price accreditation scheme gives consumers confidence and reassurance in a market where finding the best deal can be an often confusing and sometimes daunting experience.

Companies can apply to Ofcom for accreditation of their price comparison services and may be accredited by Ofcom following an audit of their service. Once accredited these companies can display the Ofcom Price Accreditation Scheme logo on their websites.(logo above)

It looks as if we are seeing the start of the build up to tiered Internet providers to those amongst us who wish to pay for restricted bandwidth.

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