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Free-to-air TV sport reconsidered now we wonder which blog suggested this months ago ?
Graphic shows "Culture Secretery" Andy Burnham.
England Test match
Domestic Test match cricket is not on the list of protected events

The list of sporting events reserved for free-to-air television is to be reviewed, Culture Secretary Andy Burnham has said.

He told a Royal Television Society conference in London it was time to look at whether the right events were protected to serve the public interest.

He said it was vital the list "moves with the times and people's tastes".

The list of so-called sporting "crown jewels" was last reviewed 10 years ago when Test match cricket was removed.

Mr Burnham said sports broadcasting was "one of the most powerful areas where that sense of community through television is most profoundly felt".

"It is because I believe in television's social role - its power to include and involve - that I continue to believe resolutely in the principle of a protected list of sporting events set by the government," he said.

"But it is also important that this list moves with the times and people's tastes, ensuring that TV continues to bring the nation together and build community."

Quote""All competitive games involving home nations should be free to air in that country
Michael Brunskill
Football Supporters' Federation""

He said the independent review would "weigh the public interest with the demands and discipline of the market and the implications for the funding and development of individual sports".

World Cup qualifiers

In 1998, the government added certain events to the list of crown jewels - or A list - those deemed too important to...Read full story!

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