Wednesday, 24 September 2008



With FREESAT TV about to become readily available in every home in the UK by xmas many may want to know how to cable their installations either straight from the existing SKY TV dish or from an new installation.

Many in the trade will point you to expensive alternatives to RG6 cable but RG 6 is perfect for any FREESAT TV or Satellite TV install.

RG6 is made by many different brand name companies but are built to the same high standards.

RG6 cable will give perfect results up to 30 metres from the LNB on the satellite dish to the FREESAT SET TOP BOX with no loss of signal.

Once you have connected the cable from the dish to the Freesat Box and if your using other Boxes like any of the Alba range this cable will be ideal to run it to up to four other Freesat boxes in your home.

RG6 Cable can also be used as normal TV cabling to but will provide an higher spec to normal bog standard TV cabling so even if you were to buy an roll of 100m @ .15p per m you will get a lot of good quality cabling for your money.

With Freesat set to become one of the biggest hits this Xmas prices for sat cable may start to increase but its possible to find 100m RG6 cable drums at less than £17 including vat from stockists like

We will shortly be putting up diagrams on the correct way of connecting F-Connectors to this and other freesat / satellite cable solutions.

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