Friday, 8 August 2008

Beijing Olympic Opening Ceremony 08-08-08 - Team GB.

Beijing Olympic Opening Ceremony 08-08-08

Beijing Olympic "Opening Ceremony"' 08-08-08 beautiful start to the XX1XX Olympiad will go down in history as a planning masterpiece.
Nations from all over the World tuned into watch the "Opening Ceremony". It's worth remembering over ten and a half thousand athletes are taking part and over twenty thousand news media ready to report on every medal position possibility.
We are all set for a brilliant sixteen days of quality World sport. The twenty eight different sports that make up the friendly sport are planned down to the last detail.
We remind our readers that the BBC have coverage like no other with lots of mulit-screen action accessed via; BBC1, BBC2, Freeview, Large City Screens, but best of all on freesat we can watch via multi-screen on BBC1 and BBC2 and BBC HD. For those lucky enough to own a freesat HD set top box we are being spoilt.

Good luck, Team GB.

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