Sunday, 31 August 2008


James Jannard may be a new name to most but very soon the name will be better known outside the U.S.A. A 56 year old family man with four children who lives in San Juan Washington State.
James Jannard is the man behind the famous glasses frames we all know as Oakley and relatively unknown outside of the U.S. Some pairs of the Thump sunglasses for example have over 125 parts in them made up with the MP3 ability. He also founded a company in 2005 called Red.
What is Red ?
Red is a company who amazingly offer a 4k digital video camera which means the video is shot at 4,000 lines and not the 1,080 from HD(high definition) at present.
Many film directors are jumping on the Red bandwagon as the return video is miles in front of anything else. Who knows maybe an a couple of years HD may have to move over for Red technology.
The U.S. are already selling these new types of the Red technology in the shape of a 3k camera (called Scarlet), a 4k camera and a 5k camera.
The price needs to come down a lot unless you are keen, the Scarlet (3k) comes in at around $3,000 in the U.S.
Is it news to you ? then you read it here first!

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