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COMPARE FREE TV TO SUBSCRIPTION TELEVISION and view at a glance the true cost of digital TV.

SKY, VIRGIN MEDIA, FREEVIEW AND FREESAT are saturating British Television with all sorts of programming from Childrens programmes to Adult programmes.
While deciding which TV subscription to go for consider all the new type viewing and future TV set you will buy. Many new viewers are going for the latest "all singing, all dancing" TV sets which compliment their chosen type of viewing.
In U.K. there is an estimated 9.6 million Freeview boxes and an estimated 73% of U.K. can view it, many of course get very bad reception which is forcing them to think again about the type of viewing which will let them see all available channels.
U.K. viewers can buy a Freeview box and those in good reception area's already know the benefit of a Freeview box for as little as £20 with no ongoing fee except their TV licence.
Main benefits of Freeview : no ugly satellite dish, no ongoing monthly suscription, programmes cater for all ages.

In U.K. there is an estimated 3.0 million Virgin Media viewers and it is possible for more than 50% of U.K. viewers to receive it. The basic Virgin Media package can start at around £11 but can climb to an astronomical £120 plus per month. On top of this fee you will also have your TV licence fee.
Main benefits of Virgin Media : no need for ugly satellite dish.

In U.K. there is an estimated 8.89 million and the reach is estimated at 98% of U.K. viewers who can receive it. The basic Sky package can be bought for £16 a month. On top of your chosen monthly subscripion you will still have to pay your licence fee.
Main benefit of Sky TV : for those who can afford the different packages come a wide choice of programmes.

As a completely new TV platform freesat has not released official information figures so we have taken these figures from official sources.
In U.K. there is an estimated 492,000 viewers who watch the freesat from Sky version. It is suggested that once the free channels migrate to freesat from Sky and the addition of other freesat channels we could see a mass exodus over to freesat.
With a 98% U.K. viewing coverage exactly the same as Sky then most viewers will be able to view it. The basic freesat set top box will cost approx. £50 with no ongoing subscriptions. On top of this you will still have your TV licence fee.
Main benefits of freesat ; Multimedia future proofed which no other system has, no ongoing subscription fees, top quality HD channels for free.

Conclusion; Although the names suggest Freeview and freesat are free this is not the case as we all still have to find a licence fee. For those with excellent reception with Freeview are the luckiest viewers in the U.K.
Sky TV is seen as a company who revolutionized viewers experience in the U.K. and in return the U.K. viewer has for years suffered the greed of big business in the form of escalatory monthly subscriptions and a hate for adverts which they believe they have paid for with their subscriptions.
Virgin Media similar to Sky TV which although has 3.0 million subscribers the cost is formidable.
freesat! freesat is the future; with multimedia ability which no other satellite receiver mentioned here has, add to this no ongoing fees to watch the exact same programming and you have to consider this;; free channels already on the Sky platform which subscribers are paying for will soon be on freesat and cost nothing.
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