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24|11|08 - ofcom

Switching deals

Consumers are increasingly taking advantage of competition in the communications sector to seek out the best deal, new Ofcom research reveals.

Our Consumer Experience 2008 report found a significant increase in the number of people switching to ‘triple-play” bundles.

Over the past 12 months the proportion of consumers switching to one supplier for three services – digital TV, fixed-line, mobile or broadband – has increased from 18 to 32 per cent.

Bundling is convenient – you receive one monthly bill rather than several - and is often cheaper.


That’s because you generally pay less than if you bought individual services from different providers.

Our Consumer Experience 2008 report also found higher awareness of suppliers in the fixed line and mobile markets.

The research reveals that 62% of consumers are now aware of three or more fixed line suppliers, while 89% are aware of three or more mobile providers. That compares to 55% and 85% in 2007.


To make switching easier for consumers, Ofcom awarded its first price accreditation logos to price comparison websites Broadband Choices and SimplifyDigital earlier this year.

Consumers using these sites can be sure that their price comparison calculators are accessible, accurate, transparent, comprehensive and up to date.

However, the Consumer Experience2008 report found that some sections of society still risk exclusion from the benefits of information and communications services.


There are various reasons for this – such as services not being available in a particular area or barriers to the take-up or effective use of services.

In early 2009 we will publish our strategy for addressing these access and inclusion issues.

It will set out the current evidence base on availability, take-up and effective use of key services and the main barriers to further improvements.

source; ofcom

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