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20|11|08 - source Ofcom

UK leads digital TV revolution

UK consumers are blazing the way when it comes to embracing the digital TV age.

New Ofcom research reveals that we’ve become one of the most digitally advanced nations in the world.

Not only do 86 per cent of UK households now have digital TV on their main set, but services like High Definition TV and Digital Video Recorders are also soaring in popularity.

And while UK consumers are making the most of the services on offer, we’re also getting better value for money than ever before.

Digital TV

The figures are included in Ofcom’s third International Communications Market Report.

It examines the take-up of communication services in 12 established industrialised economies, as well as the fast growing economies of Brazil, India, Russia and China.

For example, it found that:

  • China had over 88 million new mobile phone connections in 2007 – more than the entire number of mobile phone subscriptions in the UK.
  • Italy has the highest number of mobile-only households at nearly 40 per cent.
  • People in the US downloaded nearly 26 TV programmes per person in 2007.
  • Germany has the highest proportion of internet users (12 per cent) over-65.
  • The lowest take-up of digital TV was in Poland at 29 per cent.
  • Swedish people watch the least amount of TV at 2.6 hours a day.

The report also reveals that more households are now choosing to pause, record, store and fast-forward TV programmes with a Digital Video Recorder (DVR).

High Definition

The research shows that the UK is once again leading the way - with 30 per cent of people owning a DVR.

There has also been a huge take-up of HD subscriptions since 2006, especially in the UK, the USA and Canada.

There are now 9 million HD subscribers across the seven larger countries surveyed, two thirds of whom are in the US.

But the UK leads take-up in Europe with 700,000 HD households, higher than the number of HD households in France, Germany and Italy combined.

Bundled deals

However, while we’re increasingly taking advantage of a host of communications services, we’re also getting a good deal when it comes to cost.

That’s because competitive markets are driving down prices and consumers are also shopping around for good value ‘bundled’ deals.

Our research found that a bundle of services including a landline, four mobile phones, basic pay-TV and broadband is available in the UK for £116 a month.

Italy offers the next lowest price at £121, followed by France at £140 and only the US has lower bundle prices than the UK.

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