Wednesday, 5 November 2008



FREESAT CHANNEL FIVE ADDITION is music to freesat owners ears. Freesat's channel five addition will without a doubt encourage new viewers to freesat.
In talks yesterday we found that one particular subscription company may be losing as much as ten (10) percent of subscribers per month. The take up of subscription contracts have dropped dramatically with many removing the subscription receivers completely.
We always considered freesat take up would be quick as more and more freesat box owners start to realise free T.V. is always best and subscriptions can be put to much better use. One lady we know has told us about her new white goods purchase which she said was paid for thanks to freesat.
Channel five is reportedly being added to freesat listings a week next Tuesday which is the 18th of November. Fiver and Five U.S. will get added at a later date.
The way freesat is building there seems little point in having anything but free T.V. unless of course you wish everything yesterday for which the choice will still be there.
Next years viewers should consider very carefully what their viewing plans will be as next years T.V. selection will cover so much more via the freesat ethernet port, which at this time is not available to any other type of satellite receiver.
Is it news to you ? then you read it here first!

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