Tuesday, 11 November 2008



iPlayer to allow content downloads ahead of TV broadcast
LONDON - The BBC iPlayer will soon allow users to request downloads of programmes before they are broadcast.

BBC Trust today approved the launch of such a facility. Pre-booking will allow users to select programmes from the iPlayer schedule up to seven days in advance and download them for viewing on their home computers.

Following programme broadcast, the user has 30 days in which to open the file for viewing. After the seven-day viewing window has expired, or where the file is not opened before expiry of the 30-day storage window, the file is no longer accessible to view.

Initially, pre-booking will be available only on the iPlayer catch-up service over the internet and will not be available over cable TV.

The BBC Trust opted to approve the plans following a 28-day public consultation, which launched on 30 June.

BBC management must report reach and usage data for pre-booking six months after it launches on the iPlayer.

source: mediaweek

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