Tuesday, 10 November 2009



DRM( digital rights management) rights management issues answered.

Freeview will NOT have any DRM on the new BBC HD programming.
freesat has at present DRM on the BBC HD programming.

Freeview and now freesat are causing total confusion with viewers everywhere and we try and sort out what is fast becoming a TV viewers jungle.
This update tries to answer a few questions which have been winging our way over the last week.
Normally we answer each and every "E", mail but this one is not practical as so many are asking similar questions.
We start with freesat ; freesat is satellite dish Dependant and it has DRM (digital rights management) set on certain programming so that only certain audiences within certain territorial boundaries can view the programme. Future updates will include access for the Ethernet connection which may allow viewing of internet based items like the BBC iPlayer, etc...
Freeview is terrestrial (roof or cable Ariel) and new Freeview boxes are due out soon which will be able to pick up the new MPEG4 transmissions - existing Freeview boxes and the great majority of existing TV sets are not equipped to handle MPEG4 transmissions. future updates will include Ethernet connection which may allow viewing of internet based on demand programming.
To recap;
Freeview (terrestrial) will NOT have any DRM (digital rights management).
freesat (satellite) will have DRM (digital rights management) switched on.
Our conclusion;
We in U.K. are very lucky to have such a wide choice of channels all for the price of our licence fee - it would be Oh! so wrong for fee paying channels to be brought in on stealth.
Our suggestion on new purchases;
Make sure your new TV, Freeview box, CD recorder etc...is equipped to handle or be able to cope with MPEG4.

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