Monday, 9 November 2009



BBC Freesat Blog will always be the first with breaking news regarding Freesat TV.

Opposite you will see an HDMI to Component Lead now selling on Ebay and other cable solution stores throughout Europe.

When the Humax first arrived it had component outs enabled to let owners of either DVI or Component equipped TV sets to watch Freesat HD channels in perfect quality, however after the first few months Humax were asked to remove the said facility of Component out because the BBC requested all freesat manufacturers to conform to avoid possible copyright infringements.

Well that now goes out the window as users of Humax HD boxes that have a HDTV but only with either Component or DVI sockets have been left to wonder what HD from the BBC -ITV was really like while watching SD in the form of a 21 pin scart plug?

Now that these £5 cable solutions are on the go its a simple matter of HDMI out on the Humax Box into your Component.

Now its kind of obvious that this may be seen as a hack of sorts but it had to happen sooner than later and it kind of makes you wonder why it was ever switched off in the first place as its still not a simple task to copy HD material from a FREESAT BOX, if at all!
We wonder if Humax would have been given that "switch it off" directive if these cables had been kicking around from the start or more to the point, why was this eventuality not considered along with other possibilities which are also sure to surface? before too long.
Only time will tell about copy protection but we think as long as any receiver has an out connection there will always be someone with the knowledge to circumvent copy protection one way or another.

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