Wednesday, 11 November 2009



Humax Foxsat HDR updates were made public yesterday (10thNov 2009) and to answer queries about how to update using a USB stick.

First make sure you have a USB stick for the purpose - we suggest one that has around a 2gig memory as the Humax seems to have problems with larger memory USB sticks.

Check that your System ID matches the download; ie; 3768.0000

Next download the files named;
Loader: FOXSAT-HDR_upgrade_U7_53.HDF
Application: FOXSAT-HDR_upgrade_10011.hdf

Note one is called the loader and one is called the application.
Next, change the name of the loader to;

Put this changed file onto your USB stick - go to your Humax Foxsat HDR and make sure the HDR is on standby.
Push your USB stick into the USB slot under the front flap-down of your HUmax Foxsat HDR.
Press and hold the on button (silver metal switch) on the front of your Humax Foxsat HDR until you see on your screen the load message.
Follow the screen directions to restart when fully loaded.
Take out your USB stick during restart and take it back to your computer - access the USB stick and delete the Loader file which you just
loaded into your Humax Foxsat HDR and replace it with the application file and again rename it and call it;
Go back to your Humax Foxsat HDR, make sure it is in standby again - push in your USB stick and again hold down the silver power button
until once again you see the loader starting - this time your file will take much longer to load but again follow the screen directions to restart
your Humax Foxsat HDR.

If you find that following the above directions your Loader page does not appear while pressing the silver start button it may be that your Humax does not see
your particular brand of USB stick or the memory in the USB stick is huge so try a smaller memory stick and hopefully it will work o.k.

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