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DISEqC SATELLITE CONTROL EXPLANATION for those with satellite systems that have DISEqC embedded into their satellite receivers.
DISEqC? what is it? what does it do? what is it for? do I need it?
These are only a few of the questions we have been asked so here is an explanation which will help new users and seasoned users alike.
DISEqC - stands for Digital Satellite Equipment Control, and the easy and shortest way to describe the DISEqC firmware is to address the old method first.
Once, when adding an extra LNB to your system to upgrade it to a Dual-Feed it meant running an extra cable plus bracket to contain the extra LNB and if again you wanted clear multi-sat systems you needed yet more extra LNB's and cables to your satellite dish.
The addition of dual and quad LNB's has helped a little with this issue but it does NOT cure the extra dangling cables.
DISEqC controlled equipment has made leaps and bounds into satellite equipment with one single cable, for example the DISEqC Level 2.1 can address 64 different satellite positions in either polarisation( horizontal or vertical) in either band.
Examples of DISEqC in action can be described taking a Humax Foxsat freesat set top box and the Loop-through LNB, the Loop-through LNB has an inbuilt DISEqC switch to control itself and another LNB. The two LNB's can be on different dishes or can be used for dual-feed installations on the same dish fitted with a dual feed arm.
Another example of a similar set up but using a Monobloc LNB which has a Universal LNB that can switch between two feedhorns pointing in slightly different directions, as the Monobloc LNB can be used for example at 6 degree spacing this would take in 13 degrees East and 19 degrees East.
Our main concern on this website is with freesat which most users will be looking to upgrade their existing systems or add it to their existing dishes.
For users wishing to use a PVR or more likely a High Definition Recorder from Humax for example and this is designed to accept one single cable from your LNB (whichever LNB you have fitted) which will enter your PVR and from there go into your freesat set top box.
For users with an existing Sky system who wish to add freesat there seems to be a few options to consider;
If you buy a Humax Foxsat freesat set top box you are restricted to using either a type of splitter connection; for example either a manual or an automatic data transfer switch or another coax cable from your LNB fitted within your satellite dish. The extra cable from the satellite dish can sometimes be fitted if you have for example a quad LNB. A quad LNB has 4 connection outputs with all connections equally powered up so any connection output point should be the same. Quad LNB's have been fitted automatically by Sky box installers as a matter of course when subscribers pay for certain upgrades to their subs. Usually in these quad LNB's two connections remain free unless the buyer has a special multi-sat or multi-room fitting.
For users with Grundig Gufsat, Goodmans GFSat and Bush BFSat set top freesat boxes there is another method which works but only in certain Sky boxes.
Using the Loop-Through or LNB IN and LNB OUT in the Grundig Gufsat, Goodmans GFSat and the Bush BFSat in which these set top box loop-through's were originally designed to accept one single cable and loop through; and this function becomes 100% useable if you use an inbuilt control switch.
The loop through function has been tested using eight boxes, and after this you move into controllers like Single-Home Mini-SMATV or DISEqC Multiswitches.
All DISEqC controllers are also backward compatible so older DISEqC controllers are not a problem. You will find on this website different ways to connect with other satellite boxes and in all cases to avoid costs we advise you to test with either a good neighbour, friend or relation and attempt to mix and match your chosen freesat box and see if it works with their system.
Is it news to you ? then you read it here first!

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