Tuesday, 21 October 2008



Speed up regulation

Moves to reform the way communications industries are regulated across Europe need to be speeded-up so that consumers can benefit, Ofcom Chief Executive Ed Richards warned today.

Negotiations on the proposals to reform the EU regulatory Framework for communications have gone on for more than a year.

But Ed Richards said today that without significant commitment and openness to compromise there was a danger the reform could suffer undue delay.

The proposed reform would further open up to competition the communications markets across Europe.

Laudable proposals

This type of liberalisation of the markets – which has been underway since 2002 - has already provided enormous benefits, with consumers now enjoying better choice and services, and cheaper bills.

Speaking in Brussels today, Ed Richards said the reform contained a host of ‘self-evidently sensible and laudable proposals’.

He said any delay would prevent some important improvements from benefiting customers and industry.

He also cautioned against those who would cite the recent global financial problems as an excuse for not opening up the communications markets further.

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