Tuesday, 28 October 2008



FREESAT ADD MORE CHANNELS today the 28th October 2008. one extra channel was added with some being moved or shifted to prepair for future channels.
Channel 5 is yet to appear on the horizon and the media are having a great time filling columns with positive and negative comments when it will appear on freesat listings.
We have been led to believe that channel 5 will join the freesat platform inside the next four weeks. This makes perfect sense to us as we know of four other channels still to be added before Christmas time which we will report when we have been given the go-ahead.
To add an answer for Andrew from a well known but spurious forum ;
The Grundig Gufsat, Bush BFsat (exclusive to Argos) and the Goodmans GFsat can be bought in SD boxes as well as HD boxes.
We would suggest before buying your chosen HD or SD to ask your retailer to loop through the box to see if the loop through works.
We have not went into the technical details but we have found certain brand and type of freesat boxes will loop which is ideal for multi room single cable freesat distribution, especially as you do not wish to install sky. Certain updates on some boxes have caused loop through problems, which seems to have been dodged by the SD boxes. There is no loop through on the Humax box.
You said you do not wish to install the system yourself but you wanted as little wiring as possible so we would suggest horizontal and vertical polarity can be handled by your LNB within your satellite dish which can be advised by your chosen installer.
You will need this, for example;
your lounge is showing freesat T.V. is showing a channel with horizontal polarity (handled by your LNB). In your bedroom freesat T.V. is showing a channel with vertical polarity (handled by your LNB).
The proper LNB will handle both horizontal and vertical at the same time. A quad LNB has four coax connection points which should have an identical signal so this could also be possible with four coax cables lengths going to seperate rooms which in theory is one single wire in each room coming from a drilled point or moused down an inside cavity space for example.
We recommend an LNB of whatever kind to be as low a noise figure as possible; for example the figure .02 is ideal for sharper clearer pictures which you may want from transmitted HD.
You need the proper LNB chosen by your professional installer - we recommend you select your installer listed here... and nowhere else.
If your local authority allows, consider fitting a 1mtre dish also which over time will allow modification to your dish; extra LNB's etc... remember your dish can pick up a signal if your dish has clear line of sight (the full dish face can see the satellite with no trees or rising tree sap) from ground level upwards. There is no need if you have clear line of sight for your dish to be above ground level.
The ideal dish height is; place your dish out of reach of the kids, kids footballs, and high enough you can reach it with a brush to clear off snow. We do realize some viewers will need it lashed to the chimney.

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