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INTERNET WATCH FOUNDATION is out to remove all these website nasties from our internet.
Policing the internet was always going to happen. To consider the removal of all these offensive websites from our internet is long overdue.
We did report back in April on our forum that there was over 3,000 child abuse websites with over 80% of them being commercial, this is not acceptable in any form and should be eradicated from the internet.
Our top five type of websites we would remove first!
1/Anything to do with child abuse.
2/Anything to do with terrorism.
3/Anything to do with terrorist coercion.
4/Anything to do with making weapons of any kind.
5/Anything to do with criminal activity.


IWF Awareness Day

Ofcom is today joining forces with internet service providers, mobile phone companies, charities and government departments to highlight the work of the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF).

The IWF is an independent non-profit organisation set up to address the problem of illegal material on the internet.

It works with ISPs and law enforcement agencies to tackle images of child abuse worldwide.

Offensive content

The IWF can also take action against criminally obscene or racist material if this is held on internet servers physically based within the UK.

Today’s campaign is to highlight the IWF ‘Hotline’ so people are in no doubt where they need to go to report offensive online content.

IWF Chief Executive Peter Robbins said: ‘The UK has a very proactive approach to tackling child sexual abuse content online but we could do even more with the public’s help.

‘That is why so many organisations are taking part in this campaign today to reach millions of people and raise awareness of our ‘Hotline’ service.’


He added: ‘Internet consumers should know that if they do stumble across these images then it’s vital to report them to the IWF; we have international partnerships in place to get these websites removed.

‘The IWF members and supporters who are united in their efforts to try to eradicate these terrible images on the internet deserve all our thanks.’

Ofcom Head of Media Literacy Robin Blake said: 'Ofcom's work to promote media literacy includes a remit to help people manage their activity on the internet.

'We fully support the work of the IWF in making the UK one of the safest places for children to enjoy the benefits of using the internet.’

If you have seen something on the internet which you believe could be illegal, you can contact the IWF ‘Hotline’.

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