Thursday, 16 October 2008



Currie on communications

Ofcom Chairman David Currie made a keynote speech today in which he highlighted the major changes in the communications sector during his time in office.

David, who is stepping down next year, said that intensive competition had led to many success stories across the industry.

These included massive growth in the number of homes with broadband, as well as falling telecoms prices.

But, speaking at the Ofcom Annual Lecture, he said this competition between rival firms had not always been good news for the consumer.


It had led to problems such as mis-selling and slamming in telecoms, while consumer satisfaction in the communication sector was not as high as it should be.

But he said there had been success in tackling scams, such as dodgy mobile cashback offers and last year’s high profile phone-in competition problems.

David added: ‘Several broadcasters, who ought to have known better, came close full story!

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