Sunday, 10 February 2008



PSB Freesat can only correct this misconception and improve the currently lacking
competition on DSAT services.”
“The basics are if you can’t get freeview already then you may receive this option. So I wouldsay the nail was hit on the head.”
“There is currently a monopoly - BSkyB - the Trust could target low income consumers.”
“I believe you have, and I feel that the BBC has a remit to broadcast its services to a wide a
range of people as possible and if Freesat meets that need then it should be done.
Commercial channels have no problem with launching new services that affect its rivals.”
“Given that there is very little (perceivable) competition in the television broadcast market, I
welcome anything that will have a positive impact on that market. The dominance of BSkyB
and to a lesser extent NTL/Virgin Media is something that the BBC would do well toinfluence”
“As far as I can tell, but I was brought up to regard competition as a health option.”
“Except for the European coverage I think it has.”
“I think it helps these markets as it gets a better understanding to those reluctant to go
digital, and may convince them to improve their services.”
“Yes, it should be remembered that originally the UK had two satellite providers Sky &
British satellite broadcasting, Freesat would be bringing balance back to the market.”
Sample of comments from respondents who believe that the correct markets
have not been identified
“Mainly, but they are forgetting the growing number of viewers with cheap equipment to
watch FTA satellite. They also pay Licence Fee but are confronted with a new rise in costs.”
“The markets not mentioned are the distribution mechanisms. The choice of which satelliteoperator’s capacity Freesat may use will have a dramatic impact on the future proofing of the
Freesat service.”
“The analysis is reasonable. I think that it ignores the potential effect of additional services
(not regular PSB) joining Freesat after launch. An HD offering in Freesat might displace the
provision of an HD offering on Freeview. This would be a negative outcome, but not so
negative as a scenario where BSkyB controlled all distribution of digital TV.”
“The total market size for set top boxes will increase with the take up of digital however the
mix between different manufactures could change.”
Question 7 – Do you agree with the Trust's conclusion that launching the
"Freesat" proposition will have a beneficial effect for consumers by increasing

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