Sunday, 10 February 2008



“There is no justifiable reason why people who don't use a service should be forced to help
pay for it”
“Sounds great”
“Much needed especially for those of us who do not currently have a choice”
“I think they are very positive, and are a good solution to the problem of limited freeview
“I believe I am one of a very small minority - the ariel cable in my house is broken between
the aerial and the socket - however to repair it involves channelling out the cable which has
been plastered inside the wall by the previous owner! So it’s either satellite or fuzz!
We have been considering changing to thefreesat service offered by sky. However we
would prefer to use a service offered by the BBC, were one available”
“Anything which stops HD broadcasts being only available via pay-per-view is a good thing”
“The trust should be seeking only to ensure a free (and as soon as possible, HD) service is
available to all licence fee payers.”
“It is not clear what the real benefit from this proposition would be. If it meant TV / Radio
masts could be removed from the landscape as aresult then that would be a real benefit”
“Free Sat from Sky was hidden away by Sky as they wanted monthly payments. BBC's Freesat should
be advertised properly and openly”
“Far too late it would have been a much better use of licence fee payers’ money to get thisimportant service correct in the first instance”
“I am concerned about the effect bad weather will have on the signal as the UK is not known
for its good weather. I also stress that I would prefer one system that works rather than
several that may work depending on the circumstances. I'd also prefer my license money tobe spent on upkeeping one working system rather than several”
“Whilst I am broadly in favour of the *way* the Trust is planning the venture, I am not in
favour of the venture itself. I consider it (and this consultation) to be a waste of licence-
payers' money.”

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