Sunday, 10 February 2008



“The proposals are attractive to all really...but just hurry up so that we can all benefit fully
from having access to Freeview”
“Yes - any free service is attractive to anyone on a fixed or low income...”
“Yes, with one important caveat mentioned in your document. I think it is essential that at
least one high-definition channel from the BBC be included at launch. This will provide a
clear alternative to any available subscription-free service, and is in the best tradition of
public service broadcasting.”
“This will probably be the best way to receive HD services.”
Sample of comments from those who believe the proposals will not be valuable
to all Licence Fee payers
“I would think that for current licence fee payers there will be little interest in Freesat, I canonly see it as an option to receiving digital through your normal aerial and so why would it
be an attractive service. The only issue would be how may licence fee payers are unable to
receive freeview, does this justify a new freesat service is it more cost effective than enabling
those currently not able to receive freeview than to provide a free sat service”
“The reach of the BBC Freesat service would have an identical footprint (in relation to theUK) to Sky’s satellite platform (including in relation to Freesat from Sky)…subscription-free
access to BBC services is already available via Freesat from Sky”
Question 3(b) – Are the BBC's “Freesat” proposals likely to be valuable and
attractive to licence fee payers who cannot currently receive Freeview?
Of the 538 responses to question 3(b), 93% consider that the proposals are likely to be
valuable and attractive to licence fee payers who cannot currently access Freeview, while
only 7% do not.

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