Saturday, 16 February 2008


Many people ask, "How many channels can you pick up from satellite.
The answer is very simple but it must be one of the worst kept secrets.
There are thousands upon thousands of FREESAT free-to-air channels
on satellites dotted across the Clark Belt (so named after the well known
scientist Arthur C. Clark) 33,000 thousand miles above the equatorial
line in outer space. Arthur C. Clark made possible the idea that if a
satellite could be placed at the 33,000 mile orbit above earth it would
remain in a geostationary position with respect to earth.
These satellites which are all around the earth are from all different
When you install a satellite dish with a motor attached you are opening
up a whole new world of FREESAT or Free-To-Air channels that do not
need a subscription of any kind, although in all countries you can buy
subscriptions which usually consist of Films, Sport, etc, in fact some
subscription services ask you to pay again for programmes you have
already paid for with your Television Licence.
BBC and ITV are opening up a whole new world of Television for everyone
with their innovative FREESAT venture and the promise of 80 channels
with at least 8 HD initially is only the tip of the iceberg as far as FREESAT
is concerned. Anybody deciding to buy the FREESAT box will be able to
fill the box up to it's capacity(possibly unlimited?) with Free-to-air
channels simply by adding a motor (cost approx. £60) to the dish and
by using the same single cable from the receiver a simple press of a
button can get you thousands of choices for Free thanks to FREESAT.

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