Sunday, 10 February 2008



Bar Graph showing the following pecentages that answered that the BBC should take action to improve access. Northern Ireland: 100%; Wales: 100%; England: 93%; Scotland:93%; Overall: 93%; No location:86%.Sample of comments from those who think the BBCshould improve access
“I think the BBC has genuinely making their besteffort to provide access to digital services,
but there is more to be done. It is important that the BBC continue to ensure wider access
to digital services. This is particularly important in the run up to digital switchover to ensure
that there is universal access to these services when analogue switch-off happens.”
“Current access could be improved as the current freeview service is “patchy” in places a
boosted signal and other methods of delivery would be useful.”
“I am concerned that the 'digital divide' shows that those of a low socio-economic
background from a deprived area, and particularly rural areas are still not switching to digital
- more research should be done into why this is the case. Action should definitely be takento improve understanding and take-up”
“In a competitive market the BBC can not sit back while the technology continues to steam
ahead. The BBC is doing a good job at present but need to continue to invest and be a lead
in this arena.”
“Yes, more needs to be done to improve knowledge of the switch over, and aid those that
can't afford to change”
“Yes, this should be its highest priority”
“I would value the ability to receive BBC HD content without a Sky subscription.”
“The BBC should make availability of its digital services much more widely available through
the use of free-to-air satellite, along with making Freeview more attractive by expanding the
services available on it (i.e. improve BBCi to offer the same range of additions as with
satellite, and the introduction of HD-TV)”

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