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Appendix A – Consultation Methodology
The Questions
The BBC Trust invited responses on the following questions:
1.Is current access to the BBC's digital services acceptable, and should the BBC be
taking action to improve access to its digital services in the lead up to digital
2.Should licence fee payers have a choice of subscription-free means of access to digital
3.Are the BBC's “Freesat” proposals likely to be valuable and attractive to licence fee
payers? (You may wish to comment on whether there is a value for all licence fee
payers or just those currently unable to receive Freeview).
4.Should the BBC seek to future-proof the “Freesat” proposition by offering a range of
set-top boxes so that users can choose either standard definition (the standard that
BBC channels are currently broadcast in) or a box that would be capable of receiving
high definition broadcasts in the future?
5.Do you agree with the Trust's conclusion that the BBC's “Freesat” proposals are
consistent with the BBC's Public Purposes because they will improve access to its
digital services?
6.Has the Trust correctly identified those markets that may be affected by the launch
of “Freesat”?
7.Do you agree with the Trust's conclusion that launching the “Freesat” proposition
will have a beneficial effect for consumers by increasing choice and introducing
competition in the subscription-free satellite TV market?
8.Do you agree with the Trust's conclusion that whilst launching “Freesat” will affect
other participants in the market, it is not likely to lead to exit from the market of
existing participants or to create a barrier to future innovation? (Any figures for the
likely effect on other participants' revenues would be particularly welcomed).
9.Does the proposal to establish a joint venture and to limit its activity to marketing
and technical co-ordination, leaving set top box manufacture, retailing and installation
to the market go far enough to minimise the impact of the proposition on the
10.Is it appropriate for the Trust to impose conditions to prevent licence fee money
benefiting other participants in the proposed joint venture and to ensure appropriate
separation between Freeview and “Freesat”?
11.Should the Trust impose any other conditions if it approves the proposals in its final
12.What other comments would you like to make about these proposals?
The consultation on “Freesat” ran from 27 February 2007 to 5pm on 27 March 2007.
Methods of Response
The Trust offered a variety of methods in which people could respond. These were:
•An online form via the Trust website•Post

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