Friday, 15 February 2008


Fortec Star reported in April 2007 they were launching the latest HD Set Top Box retailing at £150
within the next month. They also reported they expected the price to fall nearing the same time next year
which is April 2008.
As good as their word out came HD boxes which they have diligently updated on a regular basis since then.
Fortec Star are not hanging about either as their idea of "Household Automation", has been explained as
Giving aging population and disabled persons ability to turn power sources around the home on and off
(ie; lighting, heaters, etc ). We think a forward thinking company with all kinds of satellite receivers from
the bargain basement receiver available from Maplin at £24-99 for a FREESAT receiver (non HD) to the
FREESAT HD receiver or box complete with card slots and cam slots( the cam slot is for a card which would
allow viewing of subscription TV (not Sky ), for example Sport). These satellite receivers can again be
purchased from Maplin for £149-99


Frank said...

I have just finished installing the second Fortec Kit from MAPLIN including 65cm Satellite Dish, brackets, cables etc and HD Fortec Passion receiver on my partner's roof. I installed one for myself 1 month ago. (At present the kit is £159 in Maplins - excellent value) The remote control was trouble because the battery chamber coil spring contacts did not make contact with the AAA batteries. All you need to do is gently pull the coil out so that it contacts the end of the battery. After that FINE. The Dish and bracket fittings are well made and easy to install. I bought a Labtec Satellite Finder from ScrewFix for about £14 and it took me just a few minutes to align the dish provided you have some idea in which direction you must point the dish. It helps to do some advance homework - You need to know that for UK FReeSat (ie BBC and ITV) you must align the dish to satellite "28.2E Astra 2A-B-D" which is also the SKY satellite and is located at elevation 25.3 degrees (markings are on mounting bracket) and azimuth 145.254 degrees ie 145 degrees from north in a clockwise direction - use Google Earth map or an Ordnance Survey map to find the rough direction within a few degrees then use a satellite finder.. The skew (tilt of the satellite dish LNB pickup) didnt seem to make much difference. I set it to recommended - minus 13 degrees anyway. My partner wanted FreeSat in Kitchen AND in front room so I bought a twin LNB pickup and subsitituted the single LNB supplied in the kit. This also meant a second run of cabling and an additional receiver was required - but she now has satellite TV in both these rooms as of yesterday evening. Only thing missing is Channel 5 - until later in the year - I scanned for other satellites as well as 28.2Astra and I found about 1700 channels altogether of which half were encrypted/scrambled (pay to view) and many of the remainder were French/German etc but that still left many hundreds of free English Language freeview channels inc of course all the BBC and ITV regional variations. ALL FREE!!!!

Domain Holdings. said...

Nice comprehensive post Frank,
you have just proven that it does not take a monthly mortgage or should that be a monthly holiday fund to watch free tv. We especially liked your comment about the satellite finder at £14 which is excellent value and tells anyone that fitting your own system does not cost the earth. Nice comprehensive tutorial there for anyone wondering how it's done. As many more free channels are expected this year it has to be monies well spent.