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complaints digital reception
London (ran from 2/7 to 19/7 2005) 1425145 10%
Glasgow (ran from 1/11 to 23/11 2005) 122 20 16%
Cardiff (ran from 25/1 to 22/2 2006) 195 21 11%
Belfast (ran from 1/3 to 29/32006) 135 6 4%
Norwich (ran from 13/6/ to 13/7 2006) 124 8 6%
Unsolicited contacts20 to the BBC – a sample of comments
“I am annoyed that digital terrestrial television is not available to the entire population of the
“I am paying a full licence fee but I’m not provided with a full service. This is totally
unacceptable and scandalous”
“I am very annoyed that the BBC expects me to pay a full licence fee when I cannot receiveFreeview in my area yet. This is disgraceful.”
“I am very unhappy that I cannot get the same services when I pay the same licence fee”
“I cannot get BBC services on DTT. I believe the analogue signal is being switched off this
year in the Borders area and I believe I will be left without any television signal”
“I find it ridiculous that we have to pay for SKY to get the extra BBC channels that we also
pay for”
“The only way I can watch digital television in my area is through NTL which I’m charged for
and I don’t think this is fair.”
“I live in an area where the only way to obtain digital tv is by subscription to Sky or Cable,
which I am not prepared to do.”
Public Meetings21 – a sample of commentsLondon public meeting July 2005 (submitted to meeting via email)
“What are the BBC doing to ensure that everyone is able to receive their new digitalchannels? I live in a dead spot with no suggestion that the relay transmitter will be upgraded
until the analogue signal is switched off. It seems there is now a digital divide developingthrough certain parts of the country, and I feel I am not getting my money's worth. I wouldlove to watch some of the programming on BBC3 and BBC4 but don't see why I shouldsubscribe to SKY just because I am geographically challenged”
Cardiff public meeting February 200620 Unsolicited contacts are when a member of the public uses either email, the website, phone or post tocontact
the BBC unprompted. Sample from Marketing, Communications andAudiences internal report
21 Sample from BBC Trust Audience Team’s analysis of BBC data

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