Tuesday, 17 June 2008

BT 21CN.

BT 'S IDEA OF 21CN has a long way to go if you interpret what ofcom are not saying in their request for public feedback.

Variations to BT’s Undertakings under the Enterprise Act 2002 in respect of 21CN, Space and power and Operational Support Systems separation


1.1 This consultation seeks views from interested parties on three proposed variations to BT’s undertakings (“the Undertakings”) under the Enterprise Act 2002. The three variations relate to:

  • BT’s consultation principles with respect to the deployment of its Next Generation Network (NGN), and an obligation on BT to publish its NGN plan of record on a regular basis;
  • the processes and products used to manage accommodation within BT’s exchanges; and
  • the requirement to implement physical separation of certain Operational Support Systems (OSS).
1.2 Ofcom is proposing to...read full item!
It should be noted; this consultation should be given close attention by those interested in the outcome of the 21 st Century Network plan by BT as it seems that small villages and those who live in the sticks will suffer as they do now. Who knows ? perhaps mobile phones and hand helds are the future way forward ?

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