Friday, 27 June 2008



As this Freesat Blog is one of the largest Freesat information websites in Europe with many visitors from across the world we thought it was a good idea to ask our visitors which box or boxes they are now the proud owners of?

The Freesat TV Box owners poll can be found at the bottom of this page and we would like as many as our visitors old and new to participate in this poll, it is hoped that this poll will be repeated over the course of the next few months and years to see if there is any changes in market trends of all Freesat TV Boxes but please remember that there will be new Freesat hardware and products still to be released soon and these products will be added to future polls!

Is it news to you? Then you read it here first!

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gavin said...

Bought a Humax, plugged it in and all worked fine. All cables supplied. Still working fine.

Then I bought a Grundig. No HDMI cable in the HD box but there was a scart. What's the point, you need HDMI to see HD.

Connected up and Scart worked but HDMI didn't. Eventually HDMI started working but I don't know why. After a week the channel number selection feature stopped working only leaving the up/down control. After another week the sound packed up. So I sent the thing back and got another Humax. All now works fine