Friday, 27 June 2008



FREESAT TV SECRET MENU in the Bush, Goodmans and Grundig freesat digital boxes are not ready to be played about with as yet.
Because of irresponsible forums and some box feedback about freezing boxes while in this menu we have to say; "Please only go into this menu at your own risk! The chance of doing irreparable damage to your box at this time is high. When the time is right the software for these boxes will be released although at this time we believe it should not be tampered with as it is the engineers guide.
For those who feel they need to dig into the box you need to go into the menu, from there four numbers 28any any and then 2846 and the menu will be as the graphic.
We stress!!! as these boxes have still to be complete there is no reason to go in to this menu! Yet!

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thanx for ur post . I'll take cae