Tuesday, 22 April 2008


BBC and ITV Freesat are getting continually slated day in day out even although the BBC/ITV venture has never been released into the public domain. The shocking judgemental comments about something nobody has seen yet is quite amazing.
Every person who cares about television in the United Kingdom knows that the BBC and ITV have the best programming schedules with a convenient child/adult watershed at 9.00 pm, this will of course continue with the joint venture from the BBC and ITV Freesat.
The quality of the programming will not change either, in fact it will dramatically improve with the addition of HD or high definition.
It now brings in the questions; who are going to gain from continually running down our national TV every chance they get ? why would anybody run down a product or item even before it was on the market ? apart from a foreign power then you have to suggest a competitor!
How anyone can blacken the reputation of our national television BEFORE they start to broadcast makes no logical sense and is beyond our comprehension.
Free TV made up of existing Freeview and Freesat which will amount to hundreds of free to air channels, what this means to United Kingdom viewers is there will be NO MORE contracts, NO MORE monthly fees, NO MORE annual rises, NO MORE 1 hour programmes made up of 25 minute adverts, NO MORE hassle about telephone linkage.
Balanced comments welcome either here or in our FORUM.
Is it news to you ? then you read it here first!

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