Wednesday, 23 April 2008


Sky box owners can expect NO TRUE FREESAT METADATA.
Transmission of the Freesat signal although shared by two platforms these being Freesat and Sky. Two different sets of channel information will be carried in the same transmission. Please note the suggestion TWO DIFFERENT SETS.
Freesat metadata will only be seen by an official Freesat digital box or TV with a Freesat digital tuner built in. Neither Sky or ANY other satellite receiver will see this metadata.
It is important to note that Free-to-view does not equate to no encryption, but it should be noted that there will be two sets of metadata being transmitted on the same transmission.
Freesat! repeat, Freesat metadata includes the information needed to display program names (can you see Sky advertising free for Freesat tv?), times, description, subtitles,audio description, (audio narration), interactive elements, artistic style for both channels and programmes, guidance information for each programme which enables the Freesat receiver to display a warning of the level of violence, bad language or sex which allows the user to restrict viewing of certain programmes.
Content management which controls copying and export of content.
Regional information to allow viewers in different areas the choice of their regional variant.
We have released this information to answer many enquiries from home and abroad.
Is it news to you ? then you read it here first!

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