Monday, 14 April 2008



Freesat in Spain is the number one question over the last three days so we hope this will help.
The BBC have already stated a 60 cms dish will cover the united kingdom.
This must have raised a few eyebrows within those who are knowledgeable about satellite systems and satellite receivers.
There are places in the United Kingdom and Ireland that nothing less than an 80cms dish will suffice, in fact 1 mtre and 1.2+ mtre dish sizes are quite popular among the multi-sat hobbiest or enthusiast in the U.K.
Freesat HD digital TV is meant for U.K., and it's obvious those living away from home like to see what is happening there and Sky, Freesat or whatever is an ideal viewing medium, so the 60cm dish size comes as no surprise.
Those living in U.K. from other countries do exactly what British ex-pats do and get a satellite system that will allow them a little bit of home. Although usually it will bring your local authorities coming crashing down on you because of silly dish sizes those wishing to view 4 degrees West in U.K. will need a minimum dish size of 2.5 mtres.
The same will apply to most of Europe, be it Spain, Portugal, etc..the same will always apply; ie;
the bigger the dish the more signal you collect.
the lower the noise figure of the LNB (low noise block points to the centre of your dish) the better. LNB ideal noise figure is; .02; that reads point zero two.
Many will tell you .04 is not much different, but believe me it makes a huge difference if you are on the fringe of a signal.
Freesat signals are looking more and more likely to be spot beamed,( the 60cm dish size is a give away) any ex-pats wishing to get Freesat should make sure of the following;
Make sure if they are in Europe (anywhere) they are allowed to put up big dish sizes.(no point in buying to be told later it's a no-no).
Make sure they have an ideal .02 LNB.(see above)
Make sure they have an official Freesat box (data stream in official boxes only so ideal TV guides whats on and interactivity features.)
Sky boxes are already on the continent so there is no reason why Freesat boxes will not get there also.
The good pointers about Freesat;
Stating the obvious; it is totally free after the initial purchase.
Strong signals are used for high definition (HD).
We hope ex-pats all over Europe will be able to get Freesat, we know simply by watching the BBC HD channel which is already on satellite that the quality is 100% superb.
To view the BBC HD channel will soon be a matter of course for Freesat viewers. You only have to watch the stunning "Planet Earth", to truly appreciate high definition television.
If it's news to you?, then you read it here first!

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