Wednesday, 23 April 2008


For those familiar with PC cards to watch TV this may well be a surprise to you. One of the favourite PC cards is made by Hauppauge and Hauppauge released information to say that their Nova-S USB 2 box would be able to show the new Freesat programmes with the aid of additional software.
Freesat reacted by saying that the Hauppauge USB 2 is not Freesat licensed and therefore will not receive the Freesat services.
This statement from Freesat opens up a whole new bundle of questions with respect to all satellite receivers being able to receive the Freesat data feeds.
Any satellite enthusiast will know and be familiar with Hauppauge TV cards knowing they are excellent products and long lasting and these cards are more than capable of picking up free-to-air channels all over the satellite spectrum from East to West on all satellites.
With the statement from Freesat that these cards will NOT be able to receive the Freesat data then there is little chance any other satellite receiver available will be able to receive the Freesat data.
We have stated from day 1 of these reports that buyers of the Freesat boxes must make sure they are official boxes with the Freesat logo on them and we again repeat the BBC research and innovation team have developed special architecture within the Freesat boxes.
Is it news to you ? then you read it here first!

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