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29TH April 2008.
We were happy to do this review on the Grundig Gufsat 01 HD box. The Grundig Gufsat 01 HD receiver is quality in a small package
which shows the first time you see it. The Grundig Gufsat 01 HD receiver is unlike conventional satellite receivers as it is small, compact
with loads of common sense features which are very unlikely to confuse even the first time buyers amongst us. The whole process from
start to finish was so simple for us we left the book and quick start up guide unopened. For buyers using the box for the first time is
likely to say something like; "well! that was easy! All information takes you step by step through the set up from start to finish. At no
point could you get confused, and this has obviously been deliberate by the Grundig Gufsat 01 HD digital box manufacturer.
The biggest issue is the Postcode entry for your own region (we did not try leaving this blank, and we did not try putting in another
U.K. region. People with less dexterity will have problems here and we were quite surprised there was not a list to choose from, perhaps
a thought to the manufacturer for future updates. Once you get past this point the box is really self setting, self updating, leave the choice
on auto-updating and never need to go back into that section, Done! and Dusted! So very, very easy.

A play about with the Freesat HD digital box remote lets you know exactly that it is NOT DESIGNED for those with technical ability.
In the case of the Grundig Gufsat 01 HD remote everything is simple and straightforward.
The whole idea that a child could operate it is 100% spot on. Well thought out menu selections make the remote control easy for
everyone and with the whole guide visible on screen nothing could be simpler.
We especially like the channels button which when pressed list on screen all channels vertically from there clicking on the up or down
arrows you can make your channel choice. There is functionality for favourites.
We were very impressed with the AD button which takes you into the "Audio Narration", section which is absolutely brilliant.
To explain;
when you use the HDMI socket you can zip through the channel choices and get amazed at the superb Grundig Gufsat 01 HD box
performing the upscale features add this to your Audio Narration feature and you have a winner.
As we tested the Grundig Gufsat 01 HD digital box on a SAMSUNG PLASMA SCREEN, a PHILIPS PLASMA SCREEN and an
DMTECH LCD SCREEN not a flaw could be seen, even very old programming got upscaled to look like existing TV pictures.
The Grundig Gufsat 01 HD digital box shows a light (blue) when it is off and no light when it is on (different!), but we assume that
great thought has went into the manufacture of these new satellite receivers simply because of the 12 volt power supply which is
dropped from the source using the power adapter supplied.
The Grundig Gufsat 01 HD runs cold and so does the power adapter which we feel is superb as most power adapters tend to
get some heat. The Grundig Gufsat 01 HD was sitting on top of a very old hot video case for hours and it still ran cold.
You have only to play with the Grundig Gufsat 01 HD digital box for a few hours and you know your onto a winner.
A great buy!
The picture quality and the ease of using the Grundig Gufsat 01 HD digital receiver makes it a winner for your Mum if she
is contemplating getting satellite TV. The set-up is childs play and the receiver looks after itself with auto updates.
Those with an HD TV can set their viewing to using the HDMI connection and with the help of the upscaling they will
hardly notice as and when HD gets delivered to all channels. Those still wondering about the need to buy an HD TV will
wonder no longer when they view the Grundig Gufsat 01 HD digital box delivered pictures.
We think the set-up and forget features is more than helpful to those partially sited and disabled individuals as well
as those Senior Citizens who struggle with todays fast paced electrical gadgets.
Is it news to you ? then you read it here first!

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