Friday, 11 April 2008



Multimedia audio narration on the NEW Humax Foxsat Freesat HD Receiver sends a terrific message to all HD future viewers that possible full multimedia is on it's way.
It has long been a major concern that blind or partially sighted living alone need partners or housekeepers for lots of everyday tasks we take for granted, but with the Audio Narration present in the NEW Freesat box it will make all these nature and documentary programmes spring to life without the need for an in house live in narrator.
The BBC HD channel which has been free to air testing since last year has been testing the Audio Narration and also testing their superb HD sound quality.
The sound quality is spectacular with no echo or sibilance, clear as a bell springs to mind with no time lag.
In case some of you missed it; there is also the presence of an Ethernet connection which brings to the fore a small possibility in the future of multimedia for all things including the BBC's special catch up software which can be used via the computer to catch up on that missed soap, comedy, drama, or sport presentation.
Freesat boxes will also have present Content Management which is the industry name to control exporting and copying of content.
Freesat boxes will also carry regional variations to make sure viewers in different regions receive regional variations of each programme.
Congratulation must go to the BBC innovations dept. and others for the NEW Audio Narration which will open up a whole new World for those amongst us who are blind or partially sighted.

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