Friday, 4 April 2008


THE IMPORTANCE OF W3C AND FREESAT WEBSITES AND ALL OTHER WEBSITES. are the gaurdians of the internet. It is they who suggest to all webmaster rules and regulations governing good webpages for the benefit of all to be able to surf the internet.
All webmasters will be interested to know many websites come nowhere near the LEGAL requirements of the "DISABILITY DISCRIMINATION ACT", this fact has been released in 2008 by a well known accessibility specialist adding that leading retailers are failing their customers with websites that just are not up to scratch.
The compliance standard set out by encompasses W3C, CSS, U.S. Federal standard 508, and the complete Cynthia website testing standard WAI 1,2,3.
Websites do not need to be flashy or fancy, they need to be accessible for all types of machines used by the blind and the disabled to surf the internet, if the websites surfed do not pass certain criteria the machines used by some of the blind and disabled cannot read the website, colours and pretty pictures do not matter to someone who is blind.
If you look to your right on the blog here you will find a list of Freesat websites and ALL websites are user friendly for all surfers as every website should be whether they be blind, disabled or able bodied.
To all these armchair critics who slate or openly insult websites; we say please think ahead as we do as we are a FAMILY ORIENTATED WEBTEAM trying to make the web accessible for all.
On the subject of Freesat and Sky and answering a few questions we are battered with;

Sky TV and using the Sky box; some Freesat channels are at present being transmitted through the Sky box and to get these Freesat channels you need to go into these Extra channels via your remote, THERE IS NO WAY OF PUTTING THESE TO MEMORY unless Sky relent and update or flash their boxes but we feel they will not be allowed to do this.
As more and more channels either move or go onto Freesat (ie; channel 4&5 for example) the Sky box user will get very weary going into the Extra channels day in and day out looking for their favourite soaps etc..
The Freesat box will carry an Electronic Program Guide (EPG) or simply a TV schedule for the next or next week. The same data will NOT be transmitted from the Sky box.
At the latest guestamation over 200 channels and lots of them HD will be housed for free on Freesat.

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