Tuesday, 29 April 2008


Have you ever been bullied or have your post deleted on a forum for no reason ? Most people have at some time or other on the internet been a target for deliberate bile from someone who for no visible reason decides they hate you and hate all you stand for.
Over the past few weeks this website amongst others has been vilified by certain individuals within two different forums and the amusing thing is we know if these individuals were confronted face to face with one particular member of our team their heads would be removed from their shoulders. We know these people are sad! We know these people are lonely! We know these people are like Bart Simpson and are desperate for attention, so we copied this from our growing forum to remind certain individuals, to "crawl back under your stones".
Perhaps you know someone who fills this bill or perhaps you can associate;
There seems to be on each forum a hierarchy of forum writers, forum critics, forum judges, forum jury's, forum sheep, forum lurkers, forum idiots,forum spoilers, forum know it alls, forum bully's, forum mobs, forum gangs, forum frustrater, forum top-dog.
In no particular order there seems to be an internet equalization controlled by what is commonly known as the "Nerds", the difference with the internet "Nerd" from the school playground "Nerd" or "education swot", is the Internet "Nerd" always comes across as, "a know it all", or "you cannot tell me anything because I know the answer even before you have thought about it", but even if you are wrong, "I'm always right anyway".
I would class this person as the "top-dog", and totally famous in their own mind.
The good forum writers have absolutely no chance of writing a sensible thread as there is always someone like the "forum mob", ready to poison his efforts simply because he has only one or two posts, the forum mob could also be classed as "forum sheep".
The "forum critic", is the forum member who believes nothing from anybody because he or she has never seen, touched or tasted the subject in question.
The "forum jury", are the hanging team, ready to hang anyone who has picked up wrong information in error and posted it thinking it was true, the "forum jury" are usually made up of some from the whole spectrum of "forum members".
The "forum sheep" are these members who back up their buddy from last month because they had given them a nice word in one of their threads and they also remember that the member has a thousand posts more than themselves.
The "forum lurker", is the member who posts who he is but tells whopping lies and after their initial post only comes into threads if he or she can remain invisible.
The "forum gangs", now these are the lowest of the low, are all scumbags and don't care who knows it. They will surf from website to website in droves playing bully boy tactics whenever or to whoever they can. The "forum gangs", own the internet but like all bullies single confrontation is not for them.
The "forum idiot", is the poster who continually high-jacks posts totally oblivious they have done so, nobody takes them seriously and they would never be missed even if they got run over by a bus, the "forum idiot", is not an idiot but a good person trying to fit in, but the "forum gangs" make short work of the "forum idiot", and do everything to get them banned.
The "forum spoilers", are those members who love to bring everything down and the forums are no different, and to make things worse the "forum Spoilers" are sitting in every forum waiting, just waiting for their chance to have a spoil, the "forum spoiler", could also be classed as the "forum frustrater", who hassles, hassles and hassles everybody.
At last we come to the genuine; "forum writers", the cream of the forums who makes the forums interesting to visitors or surfers passing by. The genuine "forum writer has no malice or ill intent on anybody irrespective of the mud throwing or the insults flying. All forums need genuine "forum writers", even if they are not 100% positive of their facts, at least they try and be nice, as we all know it is; "nice to be nice".
Finally on this thread; a true story which tells it all.
My brother is a member of "Service Pals" forum, and has been for years. On the forums he was being regularly got at and hassled by one particular member.
"Service Pals" members decided they were going to have an annual dinner and meet-up, and listed for the meet-up was my brothers hassler. He of course joined the list intent on confrontation with the hassler at the meeting.
His comments to me when he returned was; the little sh?t sat in a corner ignored by all and talking with nobody. The point is your hassler you know is a sh?t but he may also be a little lonely with no other means of expression. Would you really go out of your way to step on a little sh?t ?
Is it news to you ? then you read it here first!

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