Thursday, 10 April 2008


W3C, CSS, U.S. Federal Standard 508 and WAI fly high on Freesat websites with new multimedia news.

Freesat HD digital TV is important to the United Kingdom citizens and ex-pats we feel it is the perfect platform for the W3C initiative.
The Audio Narration in the NEW Humax FOXSAT is a perfect example of the future of multimedia and realistically is multimedia news.
What is W3C ?
W3C, CSS, U.S. Federal Standard 508 and WAI or all different levels of Webmaster techniques for different types of software and firmware used by web surfers who may be blind, partially sighted or disabled.
The more positive the efforts made by webmasters the better the chance the web will open up for everybody.
Some websites will never be perfect and others awful, which to a search engine or certain software makes very little difference as the code advised by W3C is 100% perfect, and it is this perfect code webmasters must all make an effort to pass.
Many countries now make it illegal for websites NOT to be validated which would make many websites in the U.K. also illegal as many come nowhere near the legal requirement of "THE DISABILITY DISCRIMINATION ACT".
Many websites you visit will NOT have the W3C accessibility compliance on it as many webmasters are either too lazy or they have a vague notion they know better than Tim Berners-Lee, W3C Director and inventor of the World Wide Web.
We all know or know of someone who is either blind or partially blind who like to use the internet in their otherwise boring and frustrating lives. It is our duty to attempt to make our websites accessible for these people as we ourselves may fill their shoes.
The website does not need bells, whistles, fancy banners, in fact it can be the worst website on the net as long as it passes the automated requirements of the W3C, or CSS, or U.S. Federal Standard 508, or Cynthia tested, at least you can be sure you are making an effort by submitting your website to the legal requirements of the "DISABILITY DISCRIMINATION ACT" and not ignoring the legal requirements.
You will find all of our websites THAT WE MAKE will pass the automatic accessibility validation required by law to acknowledge the "DISABILITY DISCRIMINATION ACT".
For the webmasters reading this who care about our blind and partially blind they can visit the website where you will find comprehensive tutorials for making your website properly accessible for the legal requirement of the "DISABILITY DISCRIMINATION ACT".

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