Thursday, 24 April 2008


United Kingdom is about to venture into new era of television greatness with free television from both Freesat and Freeview. While this venture proceeds Ofcom are considering a request from NGW and SKY.
National Grid and Wireless(NGW) and British Sky Broadcasting(SKY) have applied to remove the three free-to-air channels that Sky currently provides on the Digital Terrestrial Television(DTT) platform and replace them with five(5) PAY TV channels.
Sky currently provides Sky News, Sky Sports News and Sky Three on a free-to-air basis.
NGW and SKY wish to replace these with PAY TV Sky Sports 1, PAY TV Sky Movies in the evening and the remainder of the PAY TV capacity would be used by Sky to retail two further PAY TV channels from third party providers in the daytime made up of a factual channel and a children's channel. Sky's proposed PAY TV service would NOT be compatible with any existing set-top-box.
Viewers would then need another NEW set-top-box to receive these PAY TV channels.
Ofcom will release their decision this year.
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