Sunday, 27 April 2008


This is an open "E" mail reply to mr. Smith;
we feel this "E" mail will explain some of the doubts in the Freesat project.
Hello xxxxx,
thank you for your "E"mail,
Domain-Holdings/Aberdeen Website Design are totally committed to our family orientated websites which cover many different subjects from our famous in our area the childrens football team Middlefield Wasps which is backed and supported by the mighty Dresser-Rand and many more very important company's and parents.
It would not be in our best interest to guide these members and followers of the Freesat project in the wrong direction as they all look to our updates and little snippets to keep themselves aware of what is actually happening.
The Freesat subject has been openly discussed off the Internet with many people in our area and our advice is targeted at the less well off than ourselves and of course the senior citizens and the disabled.
We all know that by 2012 the complete switch to a different TV system will need careful handling to those who are not so technically minded and we all know that the new Freesat system will enhance the Freeview to add many hundreds of free channels onto both platforms and all for free. We have no doubt sometime in the future pay-per-game/view/or programme may come out, but very unlikely before 2011 which is the expected timetable for BT to complete their project of updating their complete internet system.
We understand that because we ourselves are so familiar with satellite orientated set ups and equipment there may have been times we have either confused the unfamiliar satellite enthusiast or we have ploughed on regardless explaining points further that we had either altered or written in a different part of our blog or forum.
The unusual marketing of Freesat cannot be blamed on the BBC as some are spouting as their hands are tied with regards to not interfering with already in place TV company's, but we can all be confident in the knowledge they are the best company in dealing with our license fee, so we can be sure of expert and professional ability.
As Freesat and Freeview will be the U.K.'s future medium with HD and multimedia projects the U.K. will be the TV beacon the rest of the World will look to for expertise and certainly green satellite receivers of which we know the new Humax Foxsat is less than 1w in standby mode - excellent!
We hope you continue checking out our various Freesat websites for updates and new Freesat boxes and equipment for stories and snippets of what we know is happening.
Thank you once again for your "E" mail.
with respect and regards;

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